Hildi – The Misfits

I've slowed down a bit with the updates... but I am still alive. Much has happened over the past few months, but I have found time to make a few paintings throughout that time. One of those is Hildi, the newest member of the Misfits.

Ophelia – The Misfits

As a child I remember watching Nick Cave's music video for Where The Wild Roses Grow featuring Kylie Minogue, and being struck by the beautiful shots of Kylie lying motionless in the water. I loved the serene expression on her face as she calmly sang to the song. Years later while studying art history I learned of Sir John Everett Millais' painting Ophelia, which depicts William Shakespeare's Ophelia from Hamlet. In my version of Ophelia, I tried to pay homage to both Cave and Millais.

Stool Porn

Not that kind of stool porn… This bistro table and set of stools from Coordination are quite the lookers. Made of American walnut and steel, the clean design can easily blend in with most any decore while still making a bold statement through color. My favorite detail would have to be the cross shaped joint at the center of the top surface.