Xan·thic [zan-thik] Adj. — Of, Relating To, Or Tending Toward A Yellow Color.

Hello. The Xanthic Eye is the creative playground of Raymond Sepulveda. It has been online in one form or another since early 1998.

Typically I like to paint in a highly rendered and realistic digital painting style. Thematically, I prefer the darker side of things and my paintings often reflect this. My visual vocabulary is best described as equal parts cute and disturbing. 

I am a trained print graphic designer with a BFA in graphic design. While in school I experimented on my own with interface design and skinning. I now work as a user interface designer at Apple where I spend my day manipulating the pixels on your iThings.


frequently asked questions…

How can I contact you?
You can reach me by by either leaving a comment on a Journal entry, or filling out the contact form on the Contact page

What happened to the old artwork/icons/skins/wallpapers?
It was time to trim the fat. A lot of the older artwork was removed in order to make room for more current pieces, and most of the old skins and icons were either very out of date or required unsupported software to use. Some of the older pieces are still available on Deviant Art, though.

Can I use an image of yours on my website?
As long as you do not modify my artwork, I am typically okay with a painting being reposted on a different website, so long as a credit link back to my website is included with the painting. Please let me know if you do want to use an image, though.

Are you available for freelance work or consultation?
Sorry, I am unable to do any freelance work or consultations.

What applications/tools do you use to make your artwork?
I mainly use Adobe Photoshop for most of the process. Sometimes I'll build rough sketches in Adobe Illustrator, but it all ends up in Photoshop in the end. Almost everything is painted with a normal mouse, though sometimes I use a Wacom Cintiq for more detailed things like drawing hair. 

How can I get a print of one of the paintings?
I've set up a Society6 account that I use for purchasing some of my favorite pieces for personal use around my home.