Clearing off the cobwebs

Hello... Is there anyone still out there? It has certainly been a long time since my last update... So long in fact that entire portions of the last website had begun to break and fall apart... Rotting at the seams and becoming covered in webs... Sorry about that!

I have been wanting to do something new with the site now for quite some time, but hadn't really had a chance to do anything. But I've now decided that I should turn the site into a more open dialogue between myself and all of you. As part of that, I'm going to simplify the site down to the bare basics and focus on the artwork and these blog posts. In regards to the blog, I plan to post about my artwork progress, design inspirations both online and offline, and general life updates. I'm not going to make a promise to update on a daily basis... But hopefully more than a few times in a year! ;)